Illogical Yet Perfect


Dear Mind,

I think it’s time I tell you a little about myself. And with this little information you will finally understand all that is me, so that next time you don’t go forcing yourself into situations that aren’t yours to deal with, with the use of your unnecessary “logic”, as you like to call it.

Let me remind you, that I am the first born child of Mother Soul, whose wisdom is innate and not birthed from the worldly lessons of mistakes and rewards.

Mother Soul, who was poured out of He who has always been, and He who was still left whole after pouring Himself into another.

He who breaks the laws of time and space. He who is timeless, ageless, and eternal.

He who is perfect in love. He who is Love. He whose love is so perfect, it is self-creating, and able to bring life into existence.

Are you so powerful, Mind? Are you so perfect in your logic that you can bring forth life? That you can think creation into existence?

Mind, let me remind you that I am the descendant of He who’s existence does not require logic, because His existence predates the birth of worldly logic, that naively believes itself able to comprehend even it’s predecessors!

Mind, imperfect as I may have become, I am birthed from perfection Himself. Birthed out of perfect love that neither one of us can comprehend.

I was created by Love who moves me to act in ways you cannot accept. In a way that you believe is “naive”. Let me remind you, Mind, I am moved by the original mover Himself, so who do you think you are to get in the way?

Apologies, it is cruel of me to ask you to explain yourself when who cannot explain your own existence through your use of logic. Ha!

Let me remind you for the last time, our purposes are different. You are here to guide them through the world, but I am here to guide them back to the perfect love that transcends logic. The perfect love that will see them defeat logic, even in logic’s worldly arena.





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