the sun doesn’t hide it’s sun rays..


water does not say, “i am too wet”, because it’s purpose is to moisten and quench the thirst of deserts and tongues alike.

the sun does not grieve because of it’s warmth and light, and roses do not shrivel and wilt because their scent is too sweet, for both play a role of paramount importance.

yet you are grieved by your kindness and warmth, and you are insulted by your gifts of nurturing..?

you are offended because you possess the ability to love endlessly – capable only by those who have been granted Heavenly strength…?

the sun does not hide it’s light and forces itself through the heavens and through a terrain of clouds. it does not take note of the performance of other creations but takes pride in it’s own abilities.

you hide your talents because your fear retribution from those who are eternally blind from their own. they bleed with envy, and their tongues lash at you not because of your shortcomings, but because of your blessing.

every element, every creature, and every soul in this universe were created with a gift and a purpose. why do you hide yours when the world around you flaunt theirs?



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