Music: You & Me – Disclosure ft Eliza Doolittle ♥

it’s no secret that i love house. i hope you enjoy this one.

♪♫ Love is always hunting, your arrows are soaring through my chest
‘Cause you know you give me something, yeah you give exactly what I need
While my blood pumping, you know you want a drop of blood I bleed ♪♫

you’re not perfect – don’t i know it. i’m not perfect – you love to remind me. sometimes you’d rather see me bleed, and i’d rather walk away. but for a reason unbeknown to us, we’d both rather i stay.

we’re not perfect and that makes this love imperfect. but i will be here as long as you want to work at making it perfect. fighting on my side, not on the other side, shooting bullets through my chest. because we both know we’re stronger together. stronger when we fight together, not each other.

even when you’re not carrying sword and shield beside me, knowing you’re still there makes the battles easier to win.



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