Drink Green. The Low Down on Green Smoothies.


So every couple of months, there is a new health related fad that has everyone running to instagram to show the world that they’re in on it too. The green smoothie hype was no different. I, @krysthesapiosexual, (shameless plug) was no different – but for good reason.

I started green smoothies after a summer of failed diets, unexplainable tiredness, shedding handfuls of beautiful afro hair, and nails that were more fragile than usual. My body was telling me that something was wrong. After spending over 45 minutes being the second caller in the queue, I was finally able to make an appointment with my GP, and after the routine of blood tests etc., she confirmed that I had a pretty severe iron deficiency. I took a course of prescribed iron supplements for nearly 6 months, until my body started to react to the other chemicals in them, and I decided to I had to find a more natural alternative to increase my iron intake without relying on supplements. I read up on the best dietary sources of iron etc, but it wasn’t easy to simply chuck a bunch of raw kale onto my dinner plate and feel excited about it.

And then somehow, someway, the angel of instagram led me to this beauty –  simplegreensmoothies.com (instagram: @simplegreensmoothies). I’m was a firm believer in not blending anything that could be eaten with a roast, but my dangerously curious nature got me to try one of their delicious recipes, and ever since, I’ve been hooked.

On discovering simplegreensmoothies.com, I started using the myfitnesspal app more to track my nutritional intake and make sure I was reaching my iron RDA goals. I had much more energy, my hair and skin condition improved so much, and my then crappy immune system started to actually do what it’s put in place to do. I didn’t catch a cold for over 8 months – and this is coming from someone who could simple watch someone sneeze on TV and catch a cold.

Green smoothies are an excellent way of introducing more ‘green’ into your diet. Leafy greens like kale and spinach are packed with iron and other important minerals and nutrients. You won’t reach your RDA by drinking just one smoothie a day, or even two for that matter, but it will make the journey a whole lot easier. This simple change saved me a lot of time, gave me so much more energy without relying on caffeine (confessions of a former coffee addict) , and literally helped to keep my hair from falling out. Don’t be put off by the colour, you can barely even taste the ‘green’!

The simplegreensmoothies site is awesome. It includes a lot of useful information, tips, and awesome recipes and nutritional advice. Even if you’re not going to swap your breakfast for a smoothie, it’s so easy to include these as a snack during your day. You can prepare a large amount and store it in the fridge. Just remember, you might want to shake it before looking at it!

I don’t work for simplegreensmoothies, or myfitnesspal, but after this glowing review, I see no reason I can’t be offered a job I can blog about without breaching data protection and confidentiality policies. No, but seriously, drinking green smoothies has to be one of the easiest and most beneficial lifestyle changes I’ve ever made.




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