one for the ladies.

2431550712_2_3_1 in. love.

i am in love with this dress, and i am growing more and more in love with myself! yes, myself!

the past year or so, i’ve seen myself transform, and i must say, i love who i am growing into – fashion-sense-wise, as well.

i’ve grown a lot bolder, and more sure of my choices, and my sense of style is no longer governed by an uncoordinated rebellion against conformity. that’s not the say i was a hipster before it was cool, but rather, i dressed simply to emulate and express.

however, the older i’ve got, i’ve learnt to express individuality, sensuality, feminity, androgyny, creativity, and ethnicity, without allowing one to define me. it’s so easy to be forced into a box. but womanhood is about embracing every single dimension, without feeling the need to compromise one of the other. womanity allows for complementary contradictions – that is why it is so wonderful to be a woman! don’t let men and society lead you to believe that is wrong. there is room for sensuality and innocence, and youth and the wisdom of age within the same woman.

the older i’ve got, the more experimental i’ve become, and i know what i love, and most of all what works on my body. i’ve become more aware of how to incorporate what i love with who i am, without allowing bold colours or afrocentric prints to stereotype me. not allowing the intimate fit of a dress rule my persona. but rather, in my dressing, allow myself to express my mutli-dimensional being, comfortably. and comfort is of the utmost import.

for me, comfort is the home of confidence, and confidence allows you to really grow into your ultimate being.



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