for the love of house (june 2011: repost)

this is THE most viewed post on indieSOulchild. over 200 views within the first hour it was posted, and i was only just starting out. true love is evident to everyone, even when you cant see it.

house, how did you make me fall in love with you without me even paying attention to your existence? i wasn’t focused on you, and my ear was never really yours for you to whisper sweet nothings and influence such a change in my whole being. you came in like a thief in the night, and in the morning all i woke up reciting were the words to your songs.

with your deep tones you wooed me, and stole me from myself. you stole me from myself! – do you understand how deep that is? you’d swept me off my feet before i’d even heard you finish saying hey

your kind of soulful took my soul on a journey that transcended circumstance and robbed me of composure, in a way that i didn’t mind. when i got that feeling, i never wanted to shake it off.

you rescued me from the hum drum of every day living, and turned hum drum into a beat i could dance to. you scooped me from the ground and flew me to feelings i’d never been. it was like you were superman and i was your lois lane.. you brought me so high i could touch the sky. and the only way back to some warped sense of normality was you – you were the cure and the cause.

you kept bragging about your kiss, telling me that it would be all i wanted once you’d set your lips on mine. i was in love, yet the thought of us touching lips had never crossed my mind. it was as if you were foretelling my future, because now, i want to kiss you, i need to kiss you, i have to kiss you – that’s all that’s ever on my mind.

oh house, house, house! you were such an unlikely candidate. you didn’t make sense to me, and i have a complex and all-embracing mind. but you – i couldn’t get my mind’s arms around to embrace.

you with your many dimensions that i never did quite get.. staring into the depths of your soul is like staring into a dark murky brew of black coffee – endless, uncertain, and full of surprises. i’m not one for uncertainty, yet still i fell in love with you.

i thought i was falling, but little did i know i’d already fallen. i’d fallen deeper than the ocean‘s depth.

now i stare at indie rock, i look in the face of hip-hop, and i tear my hand away from r&b, because something about you, house, has taken over me ,and you make me wanna stay. maybe it’s the fact that every moment with you is like summertime, and i lose my worries when i’m with you, even when you’re in a deep and meloncholic mood.

i don’t know what it is. i never saw you coming, but now i know that i can’t survive without you. let’s face it, you and i, house – we fit together, perfectly.



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