indieSOul gets a second home!


hello family!

so, indieSOul, aka this blog, started as way for me to express some of my thoughts. however, for the past couple of years, there have been things that i have wanted to share that i couldn’t do so on this blog – just because i didn’t feel it matched the rest of the content on this site.

hence, the birth of indieSOul: the site – the home of everything indieSOul. everything i enjoy, that you might enjoy, or even question why i enjoy them. it’s indieSOul, but the imax version of indieSOul. indieSOul with added dimensions, textures, and sound. the site will showcase some of my (amateur) photography (e.g. the banner above part of my iphoneography from Holi 2014). and will review music i discover, and new places and events i go to, touch on health, beauty, fashion, and some of my old lady hobbies. i’m not saying i’m an expert on it all, but these are things i love and would like to share, and hopefully learn more about through feedback and comments.

this blog will continue to exist, and i will continue to post. i can’t get rid of my first love that easily. in the mean time, check her out:



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