#thistimelastyear : The Cuban


exactly a year back from today, i was in The Cuban, Camden, newly single and hating it! i was mildly inebriated, emotional, and surrounded by couples. the only thing that could have made that night any worse would have been if my ex had also decided that The Cuban would be an ideal place to spend his Friday night. thank God that did not happen.

my friend G was also reeling from the torture of that post-relationship phase, and i think that’s the only thing that comforted me…. until he decided to point out how single we were, and that there was no hope of finding love for us now. not the tequila, nor the coolness that is The Cuban could lend a helping hand in silencing him or drowning out his voice, and by that point, i was pretty settled on being sad and heartbroken.

i’d been doing pretty well at convincing myself that i was having a good time until that last shot, and until that last couple had joined our group. that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. in this case, the camel was the dam wall holding back all my emotion.

i  ventured out to Camden expecting to spend the night with three of my friends, and no one else. what i hadn’t planned on was my friend inviting three of her friends, who all brought their other halves with them.

when the first couple arrived, we were still having drinks at Fifty Five, and i was still sober enough to accept that i wasn’t the only single person in the world, clearly forgetting that two of my friends were also single. i was also sober enough to find their long gazes into each other’s eyes quite endearing. however, one gaze became one too many, and they quickly turned from “cute” to “fxcking irritating”. so i had another of those lethal Fifty Five cocktails, and I didn’t care how long i’d had to queue up.

we left for The Cuban and Jay told us another friend of hers would be joining us. please note, the word friend is singular, so i expected one person. whilst we waited for the arrival of the friend, i had desperados and strengthened it a shot of tequila to blur the sight of friend one

rhythmlessly writhing on friend two, whilst gazing lovingly into his eyes, with that “wait till we get home” look in her eyes.

i was introduced to friend three, and then friend three introduced us to friend four, his girlfriend, i had to get some fresh air. unfortunately, so did everyone else, including sickening couple 1.

so, as all intoxicated and heartbroken people do, i drunk dialled my ex and retreated to a lonely table in the outdoor seating area. i don’t remember what i said, and i don’t remember what he said, but i remember G finding me and dragging me back to the group. Jay announced that another one of her friends would be joining us, and she’d be coming with her boyfriend. without a moment’s pause, i kissed everyone goodbye and left, despite them telling me to stay. i meandered through the thick crowd as quickly and as gracefully as i could manage and blissfully ignored the calls to come back.  there was no way i was going to wait for couple 3 to ruin The Cuban for me. no way, Jose!




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