I would have travelled half the world merely to spend time with you – literally. Spent hundreds of Great British Pounds and 14 to 19 hours flying through continents, over seas, through deserts, over jungles, and snow covered mountain tops. Through time zones and seasons – just to lay eyes on you.

You. A mere you.

I would have made excuses to justify 3 weeks spent in a different country, reacquainting with a language, just to probably end up spending a crappy total 5 days with you. Justify time away from money to take time to spend money to buy time to be with you.

Silly, isn’t it. All of this, just for you.

Silly, really, in a real world that provides us with a virtual world that brings you closer to me, and me closer to you. With Skype, and Viber, and Whatsapp, and Instagram, and Twitter..! You would think that’s more than enough you to me.

Not for me. That wouldn’t do.

I want your undistorted voice, your unfiltered face, your uncensored and grammatically imperfect thoughts. I want that connection that’s unachievable over wi-fi. That mental and spiritual sync. The kind that synced you and I before the frothy beer spilt out of my glass, and before the shared taxi ride home.

I want to teach you how to kiss me. Properly, this time.

Maybe it’s the oceans and millions of trees between us. Maybe that’s what it is that makes it hard to feel how much you actually do care. I mean, like you say you do. I want to feel how much you miss me, like when you say you do. You know, prove it, like that saying about actions and words..

I would have travelled the world to be with you. Literally, physically, romantically, and metaphorically too.



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