Stars and Eternity.


I feel a part of you in me, and as if there is a part of me in you. My thoughts, wishes, dreams, and the perspectives that make up the little important parts of me reflect brilliantly in you as if they were your own.

Mirrored brilliantly and brightly as they would if I looked into the depths of my soul.

Somewhere in eternity, where we are life giving masses waiting to exist in time and space-  we were – no, we are particles of the same eternal life giving star.

And even on this earth, in this time, and in this space, we are but pieces of the same star. Dimming and brightening our glow as we pass and near each other.

We set alight when our energies near and we are connected through intensely vibrating atoms. Our spectrum of light fiercely bright and burning holes in space and time that even our naive time bound consciousness takes note.

Consciously unknowing and intrinsically certain without the shadow of a doubt – We were – we are a part of the same star outside of space and time. A part of the same life giving beginning and full of life even as mere pieces of a star on this time bound planet.



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