about indieSoul

♥indieSoul the blog, is an outlet of expression. it’s my soap box, it’s my diary. it allows me to air out all my thoughts, my anxieties, my frustrations, and my outlook on both the good and the bad… the happy and the sad.

♥indieSoul is also a platform for empathy. a quote i once read said ‘everyone goes through the same things as everyone else, just not at the same time’. as i see it, at the very least, one thing on this little island of mind space will echo the feelings and thoughts of another reading it – just a reminder that you’re not alone. so not all the posts are from my point of view, they are empathy expressed.

♥indieSoul is simply my mind and my heart broadcasted.

For the outwardly ♥indiesoul, please check out http://www.indiesoulchild.com, and take on life with me.


One thought on “about indieSoul

  1. This blog blows my mind; it’s so amazing. Just curious though, are you Krystal who used to write on a fanfiction board, chrisitis.com?

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