Berlin: First Impressions. First Solo Travel.

When I look back at my time in Berlin, it’s hard to not look back through rose tinted glasses (and beer goggles). Especially considering that when I first arrived, I felt a great wave of uneasiness burdening my soul. “How the hell did we end up deciding on Berlin?” That was my main thought as I […]

Stars and Eternity.

I feel a part of you in me, and as if there is a part of me in you. My thoughts, wishes, dreams, and the perspectives that make up the little important parts of me reflect brilliantly in you as if they were your own. Mirrored brilliantly and brightly as they would if I looked into […]


It’s been a pretty uneventful week; well, uneventful as far as writing goes for me anyway. I’ve had a crazy case of the writer’s block, its kind of like chlamydia, but worse. Instead of feeling like I’m pissing razor blades, my mind feels like I’ve been listening to Plies speak on loop all day. I…

I would have travelled half the world merely to spend time with you – literally. Spent hundreds of Great British Pounds and 14 to 19 hours flying through continents, over seas, through deserts, over jungles, and snow covered mountain tops. Through time zones and seasons – just to lay eyes on you. You. A mere you. […]

I dreamt of you last night and I swear it was the worst thing ever. You were more beautiful than you are in real life, just like I have always seen you.  You sauntered in, with no real sense of urgency, like you always do. Perhaps it’s so that everyone in the room can really […]