Young dreamers, real talent. Self-written, self-produced, self-directed! I’m so proud of this young man. Listen, and you will fall love! In depth review coming soon. Click on the picture to find out more about Junior Caesar of XXVI. http://www.jnrcsr.co.uk @JayJayXXVI ♥indieSOul Advertisements

Music: You & Me – Disclosure ft Eliza Doolittle ♥

it’s no secret that i love house. i hope you enjoy this one. ♪♫ Love is always hunting, your arrows are soaring through my chest ‘Cause you know you give me something, yeah you give exactly what I need While my blood pumping, you know you want a drop of blood I bleed ♪♫ you’re not perfect […]

travelling man

i came across a song 10 minutes ago. a song that told a story so beautifully you could feel it and see it in your mind. i had to share it. he was here again, the travelling man. whispering sweet nothings in her ear. all that means nothing – all lies could hold no meaning. […]