“fall in love with your head”

i remember one night, my cousin called my dad from Canada, crying his eyes out about some girl that had broken his heart. this guy has changed girls like he changes shoes, and never felt an attachment – yet this girl had done something to him. it was almost midnight, and i remember my dad not being as sympathetic as one would expect. he scolded him and told him to man up. once he’d stopped my cousin from bawling his eyes out down the phone, he managed to get him to explain what happened. it was a case of her “fxcking” with his mind. she was in and out of their relationship, and at that point in time she’d decided she was completely out and he couldnt get her to change her mind. after my dad had laughed at him, he finally began to give him some advice. there’s one thing i vividly remember him saying and it was “next time, fall in love with your head”. i don’t know if i’ll ever agree with it. it seems like love and logic are foreign and unrelated concepts that can never be combined – like mixing religion and science; maths and english; speaking japanese to a zulu man.

for some reason, the lyrics to Lauryn Hill’s “Ex Factor” just remind me of those six words – “fall in love with your head”.

Nate James does a beautiful cover of the song. As much as I love Lauryn Hill, his version doesn’t break my heart as much as Lauryn’s does, so it’s wonderful for the ears but easy on the emotions. A little music for your soul 🙂



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